5 Field Service Challenges You Can Easily Conquer

Field service management software is maturing and getting more sophisticated all the time – but there are still some major challenges that field service businesses aren’t addressing. By conquering these challenges, you can get ahead of the competition. Read on to learn more! 

5 Field Service Challenges You Can Easily Conquer

Turning field services challenges into field service wins (with field service management software)

By Ross Cheeseright | Marketing Manager | 12-FEB-2021 | Zuper, Field Services Management Software.


With the pace of modern technology, it’s easy to get left behind – but it also means there are lots of opportunities to improve your business and get ahead of your competition.

Some of the top challenges that field services businesses have faced can now be conquered thanks to field service management software. This emerging cloud software is giving businesses a leg up, helping them to get ahead of competition.

In this article, we’re exploring five of the top challenges businesses face in field services and the solutions to strengthen them.

1. Providing a Satisfying Customer Experience

Delight your customers with Zuper Field Service Management Software

In today’s world – when you’re ordering a takeout, you have visibility on the ETA of delivery, the person delivering — and you’re even able to see the location of the delivery driver.

People have become accustomed to a ‘uberised’ experience – and you can leverage this functionality for your business. It’s not just about the bells and whistles. It’s about providing that two-way engagement. For example, keeping the customer updated with accurate ETAs and allowing your technicians to get feedback on their service.

For instance, with Zuper – you can use real time location services to give smart ETA updates to your customers when a technician is on the way. No more hanging around, no more calling in for updates = maximum customer satisfaction.

2. Poor Scheduling (and schedule conflicts)

Zuper can solve your field service scheduling troubles

In field services, managing schedules is a major challenge. There is so much to take into account. The availability of the client, the operator, the equipment, the duration of the job and the distance to the nearest operator. When you start trying to factor everything in, it’s easy to see why it can be a nightmare to run an efficient schedule.

Scheduling conflicts can be frustrating for both businesses and customers. Having to identify the conflict, shuffle resources around — or even worse, call the client to reschedule their appointment. When it comes to field services, scheduling conflicts are unacceptable.

Online calendars can only do so much. If you want to gain a competitive edge, then it’s time to jump onto field services management software.

Modern field service management software will allow you to efficiently manage scheduling. Customisable schedule views, real-time alerts and notifications and mobile access means teams can access schedules from anywhere.

In other words, dipping into this technology, can convert those field service scheduling pains into satisfied customers!

3. Work Order Management Headaches

Work Order Management Made Easy with Zuper

Work order management is one of those business problems that can cause a ripple effect through the entire company. For instance, bad workflows and complex processes can cause long work order lifecycles and increased field service costs. However, thanks to field service management software, those work order challenges can be transformed into a productive machine.

Modern tools give you a range of functionalities – Zuper understands that work order management and scheduling processes are different business to business. For example, the platform provides a drag-and-drop builder allowing you to easily configure work order processes in minutes – complete with personalised terminology and statuses.

Additionally, Zuper has easy checklists to add to work orders – allowing you to add bar-code scans, pictures and dropdowns. As a result of introducing a smart work order management tool you’re able to schedule faster and dispatch the correct specialist to a job.


4. Route Planning and Dispatching Pains

Route Planning and Dispatching Pains


Field services is about ensuring that customer experience is seamless. There’s a lot to juggle… client’s addresses, available technicians, tools to the correct location, at a specific time.

Likewise, field service management software has this covered too. With modern intelligent dispatching tools, you can give full visibility and transparency of jobs, resources and location to dispatchers. More importantly, great software will also make use of Artificial intelligence so that manual efforts are reduced. For example, ensuring the best suited specialists are the ones being dispatched.

Similarly, allocating the correct workforce to the job is important and with field service management software you’ll be able to efficiently manage skills, certifications and mobile workforce performance all from a central hub.

5. Real-time Communications with HQ

Field Services Management Software makes communication with HQ easy.

Field agents need the ability to check in, communicate, keep updated and be fully informed about jobs. A delay in information sharing between the field force and back-office can lead to increased response times, delays and unsatisfied customers.

Therefore, managing logistics and having communication lines open should be a priority within your field service management software.

In addition to this, managing services through phone calls or drop-ins for updates between jobs is a sign to shift to a cloud-based platform. As a result of upgrading to a centralised, cloud system you’ll benefit from the ability to complete this process remotely. Saving time, and money.

Additionally, giving field teams the ability to access systems from mobile devices can boost workforce productivity.

In short, using live-messaging and having access to instant push-notifications, your field services team will always have their finger on the pulse keeping them efficient and agile compared to your competition.

Any of this sounding familiar? 

If the above mentioned field service challenges resonate with you, you’ll be pleased to know the solutions mentioned are nicely bundled up in the cutting-edge field service management software, Zuper.




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