Consolidating ITVs Data Management Processes


Find out how ITV Studios centralised data from thousands of disparate spreadsheets into a single, unified platform.

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Key highlights

Enhancing pipeline visibility by streamlining data reporting processes

Empowering global collaboration through unified data reporting

Leveraging low-code software and A2Z Cloud’s engineering expertise to deploy in under 6 weeks.

The benefit of working with A2Z Cloud for solution identification, software engineering and employee training.

From spreadsheet headaches to a bespoke solution

ITV Studios, one of the world’s largest TV production companies, needed a way to manage their pipeline of new shows with ease. With 60+ production labels worldwide, each department had previously used their own set of different spreadsheets and processes for working on projects – making data management and collaboration a headache.

With their new platform, custom built using Zoho Creator, they can easily access and share important data, making their pipeline more efficient. Over 400 users have already taken advantage of its features, with departments across the company utilising it to access and share important data. James Hirst, Vice President of ITV Studios Creative Network, has expressed his enthusiasm for the system: “The more users we have coming into the system, the more benefit we’re all getting out of it”.

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Hear from James Hirst, VP of Development

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