International Women’s Day – An Interview with Gurpreet


International Women's Day 2020

An equal world is an enabled world
#IWD2020 #EachforEqual

This year’s theme for International Women’s day is equality. People all over the world join in the discussion and think about how we can help forge a gender equal world, celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.

A2Z Cloud Limited has a host of strong characters who work in tech and we ask them for their opinions.

“Prejudice Is the biggest problem that women are facing today.”


Zoho Developer, A2Z Cloud Limited

Can you tell me a personal achievement that you’re proud of?

I’m more glad of the fact that I can introspect upon all my experiences. Because of these occurrences, I have learned to focus better, take difficult decisions and yet retain the desire and eagerness to always look ahead ! 

What women inspres you the most?

Definitely my mother! I’ve known her the most closely and most longest obviously, but this makes me appreciate her all the more. Her outlook and approach to life is very simple and down-to-earth. There’s always something I can learn from observing her, especially her spirit towards simple and difficult matters alike.

The International women’s movement will run all year round. Do you have any plans to help gender equality become a thing of the past?

The best I can do is working with an open mind and without any prejudice or malice. Being a woman is worth celebrating and I will always be willing to helping anyone within my ability and means. 

The theme this year is “Each for Equal” how important do you think equality is for business?

Quite fundamental, since everyone’s work or idea or guidance or support constitutes in achieving the final result. 

As a woman working in Tech, what do you think could be done to help more women get into this traditionally male-dominated industry?

I believe it ultimately depends upon the individual person. If we want to do it then it can be made possible. It may take time and persistent effort but there will always be a way. What would always be useful in general is working with an open mind. 

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International Woman’s Day 2020

A2Z Cloud believe strongly in equality and we agree that each individual is responsible for our own thoughts and actions and that we have the power to actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions and improve situations. 

If you’d like to know more about International Women’s day, including the theme and events, you can visit their official IWD website.

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