International Women’s Day – An Interview with Shagun


International Women's Day 2020

An equal world is an enabled world
#IWD2020 #EachforEqual

This year’s theme for International Women’s day is equality. People all over the world join in the discussion and think about how we can help forge a gender equal world, celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.

A2Z Cloud Limited has a host of strong characters who work in tech and we ask them for their opinions.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a girl living on this Earth since 9th March, 1991. I am a person who is honest about her work. I am a family oriented person and want to give my parents all the happiness in life. I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and believe that worshipping Him with faith makes life easy as we get strength to fight all problems in the world.

I was born and brought up in Punjab state (India) which is considered to have the best infrastructure in India . I did my schooling from Army School which taught me to live life and do other works with discipline.

Since my childhood I have always loved music and wanted to become a singer. I used to participate a lot in singing competitions. I was a part of my church choir and used to lead school morning prayers.

I pursued my B.Tech and then M.Tech in Computer Science and started a job at an engineering college as an Assistant Professor in 2014 during my training period of M.Tech. I am currently working for A2Z Cloud as a Zoho Developer.

What’s an interesting fact about you that people might not know?

I was known as the best singer of my school and won many prizes in Singing and, art and craft competitions. I used to participate in every curricular activities in school and have been appreciated for this in school many times.

What do you think is the biggest problem that women are facing today?

In India, and many other places in the world, it is the Safety of Women. Reports of sexual assaults and rape cases have increased in recent years. I believe that more work needs to be done around the world to make sure that it is a safe place for women to work and live.

“More work needs to be done around the world to make sure that it is a safe place for women to work and live.”


Zoho Developer, A2Z Cloud Limited

Can you tell me a personal achievement that you’re proud of? 

There are a lot of things that I am proud of – I have won many prizes for academic and cultural activities at the state level. During my time teaching I have been shown appreciation by many students. However, on top of that, the greatest thing I have achieved up to now is the respect and love I have from the relationships I have cultivated with people. It really means a great deal to me.

What women inspres you the most? 

I am inspired by many legendary women like Mother Teresa Kalpana Chawla and Sania Mirza. However, on top of the list my inspiration comes from a more personal place, my amazing mother. My mother continuously brings an abundance of joy to my life and strives to maintain a positive energy that clearly radiates in all that she does. Even on the worst of days, her uplifting and hopeful spirit always makes a difference. She has always guided and encouraged me to do my best. She always tells that hard work pays off.

The International women’s movement will run all year round. Do you have any plans to help gender equality become a thing of the past? 

I think that, in order to help gender equality become a thing of past we have to start believing in ourselves first.

We should believe that we can do anything that men can do, we are not less than them. Our individual mindset and behaviour will only encourage other women in our surroundings.

We can spread positivity through our actions and through our work. We should raise our voice against any kind of violence or gender inequality that we see in our neighbourhood.

To achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls we should start implementing it individually which will then become a collective approach.

The theme this year is “Each for Equal” how important do you think equality is for business?

Equality in business for each member of a group, class or society ensures that equal opportunities and advancement can be had by all – Both men and women. 

Equality in a business is good for everyone and affects businesses on an organizational level. Business culture affects how well people work and how well a business performs. If equality is promoted actively in the business, that business will thrive and people of all backgrounds can come together and achieve success. 

As a woman working in Tech, what do you think could be done to help more women get into this traditionally male-dominated industry? 

It’s being said that all are equal and women should also be given equal opportunities in business but it is a fact that women are still fighting for every win in this male-dominated industry.

We should spread awareness about this to our neighbours, friends and whomsoever we know. We can cite examples of women role models, the legendary women which can break the psychological barriers.

We can tell women what particular jobs are available that can be done by both women and men. Also, bringing more women into leadership roles in technology and elsewhere can play a crucial role in reversing the current scenario.

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International Woman’s Day 2020

A2Z Cloud believe strongly in equality and we agree that each individual is responsible for our own thoughts and actions and that we have the power to actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions and improve situations. 

If you’d like to know more about International Women’s day, including the theme and events, you can visit their official IWD website.

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