RingCentral are our partners, here’s why…

Ring Central

RingCentral are our partners, here’s why…

As cloud solutions providers, we run our business entirely using web based applications. Living by this philosophy we have chosen to run our telephone systems using the latest in VoIP technology. If you would like to test the VoIP technology simply complete the form below and we will have you up and running in no time.  RingCentral provide a progressive service that encourages a modern working culture for the mobile workforce including recording a call on demand. Start/receive a call on your PC – on no need to leave the office – quickly flip it to your mobile and walk out the door!

Unified Communications as a Service:

  • Visionary product
  • Operational Excellence
  • Go-to-market Momentum
  • Improves Company Performance

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Why spend money on buying your employees devices when they can simply bring their own. RingCentral is 100% cloud-based, so every user can access their log in from any device. Each user can even be given their own direct line, so communication is slick and speedy and never lost at the switchboard.

Embracing a changing culture

By 2020 smartphones will have changed the way in which we work. Embracing this change is a sure-fire way to stay relevant in the changing environment and appeal to the new age workforce who will be expecting to work in this way.

Enterprise Communications System

RingCentral is a one-stop solution, with one log in, which will sync with your CRM system. Make a call from your ZohoCRM system by simply clicking on the telephone number. Direct integration also available for Outlook and Chrome plus a wide variety of other applications. Try before you buy – complete your request by filling in the form below.

Limitless Scalability & Global Reach

RingCentral has limitless scalability so you can add as many users as you require. By nature, cloud-based products can be used anywhere you have internet access, meaning that with this application you to offer your local services globally.

Got a device? Great. It’s is available anywhere you go.

Available on Windows/ Mac/ iOS/ Android platforms.


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