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It’s time to say ‘hello’ to Zoho Bigin




Zoho Bigin has been pre-launch by Zoho and we want to welcome the new member of the Zoho family and take this opportunity to have a look at what it will be able to do for businesses.

Zoho Bigin Key features

What is Zoho Bigin?

Zoho Bigin is a streamlined 'Customer Pipeline Management Solution' to help sales teams close deals quickly by focussing on delivering the most used features by Sales Reps

Who is Zoho Bigin for?

Zoho Bigin is great for businesses that are looking to 'graduate' away from spreadsheets and onto a more structured and feature-rich sales pipeline software that has been designed from the ground up to help sales reps close deals faster.

Why not just use something like a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software tend to be incredibly feature-rich and customisable and can often be intimidating or overkill for businesses just looking to modernise their business. Zoho Bigin is a fresh new piece of software designed to handle some of the common administration problems that teams face on a daily basis

How much will Zoho Bigin cost?

Zoho Bigin is going to be very competitively priced It's got a 'free tier' for a single user and will come in around £5 per month when billed annually and £7 per month when billed monthly. And Zoho claims 'No contracts, no strings attached pricing.' It will also be bundled with Zoho One.

CRM Isn’t a ‘one size fits all solution’  

These days, CRM systems are amazing – they can do so much for your business but it’s easy to argue that the growing demand from larger businesses has caused CRM systems to become more elaborate over the years. 

This means that customers can end up with a system that does a lot more than they need, or, require additional customisation to hide or tune down some of its functionality. 

This is where software like Zoho Bigin can really shine. It’s tailor made to help growing sales teams to replace outdated tools or complex and fiddly spreadsheets by giving them exactly what they need to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Looking for a more streamlined approach 

Zoho Bigin moves towards offering a much more streamlined sales tool designed to solve one of the most common problems faced by sales teams: wasting too much time on admin, and not enough time closing deals.

Updating spreadsheets and filling out forms and jumping around from application-to-application sucks the time away from the far more important tasks at hand.

Zoho Bigin is minimalist in its design and it has been stripped back so that it’s got the best-in-class features used by sales reps – focussing in on the features that will improve productivity and create a smooth end-to-end experience.

While Zoho Bigin will focus specifically on the sales reps improving their lead-to-deal conversions by providing better visibility of their sales opportunities but due to its front-line focus, it will likely appeal to a lot of teams that need to manage customers. 

“Zoho Bigin is a slick light-weight solution for people that aren’t quite ready to use a full-blown CRM, and now there really is no reason not to ditch those spreadsheets!” – Lucy Beck, CEO A2Z Cloud Ltd.

What can Zoho Bigin do?

At the core Bigin offers all the essential sales pipeline management features that are needed to effectively convert leads into deals – it’s got a slick minimalist design and an intuitive interface that nicely wraps up the following features and more:



  • Deals (with pipeline View)

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Products

  • Activities (such as tasks/calls/events)

  • Dashboards(KPIs, Charts)


  • Email

  • Social

  • Phone (with built-in telephony)

  • SalesSignals

Some other Key features

  • Workflows

  • Webforms

  • Mass Emails

  • Email Templates

  • User Roles * profiles


  • Custom Fields

  • Custom List Views

  • Smart Filters


  • G Suite

  • Office 365

  • Zoho Desk

  • Zoho Flow

  • Zapier

How Much Will Zoho Bigin Cost?

Zoho Bigin is super competitively priced at just £7 per user per month when billed annually and just £9 per user per month when billed monthly. Considering the features that you get for this price, it’s an absolute bargain that is sure to attract many new users who want to get into cloud-based software for their business.


So there you have it, the introduction to Zoho Bigin – we’ll be keeping an eye on this over the coming months as we start to help customers with deployments and configuration of these systems, and of course, having a play with it ourselves to fully learn the ins-and-outs and we’ll be sure to share our feedback.

What do you think of Bigin? Let us know in the comments below.


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