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Skore Process Mapping 

Skore is an online process mapping and analysis software that makes process improvement easy for everyone. Whether you are delivering Digital Transformation, Continuous Improvement, Quality Assurance and Compliance; Skore helps you engage teams and improve processes faster.

Re-Imagining Business Process Discovery

Skore brings a new and exciting way to capture and unlock the true potential of your business processes. Through the use of this intuitive and user friendly process mapping software you’ll discover those business pains that are causing challenges in those opportunities for growth. 

Skore uses an interesting framework that allows you to capture your businesses processes ‘on the fly’ without actually having to do lengthy write-ups or cover a wall in post-it notes – as a result you get this living and interactive process map which you can update, refer back to and drill down into at your leisure. 

Collaborative Process Workshops

Skore is one of the ‘first purpose build process workshop tools’. It’s designed from the ground up to capture business processes in engaging collaborative workshops. Key stakeholders and members of the team will directly chip in to help create a clear picture of the business processes ‘at the speed of conversation’. 

The framework is based on two simple shapes – a “What.” box that describes the work done and a “Why” box that describes why the work is done. This provides context for each process and ensures that all stakeholders can collaborate. 

Skore process mapping

Drill down into the detail

Skore’s Process Mapping Software will allow you to create strategic level processes and drill down into the high-level steps until you get to the level of granularity that suits you. You can even search by role, activity, outcomes and keywords directly from within the tool. This ability to zoom in and out of the detail allows you to map things in as much detail as you need. 

The Human Element

Knowing who is responsible for what parts of a process is a really important. Skore allows you to create detailed job descriptions at the click of a button. With this Process Mapping software, you can understand handovers, roles, responsibilities such as RACI and clarify who is responsible for what at the various stages of the process.

Being able to see these interactions allows for some very interesting reporting – for instance, you will be able to see if one specific role is the handoff for a lot of other processes which can help to identify when a role has too much responsibility, or perhaps where bottlenecks might be arising. 

All of the information in one place

All process related information can be recorded directly against the process steps and stored in one place. With this functionality you’ll be able to identify which activities take the longest and cost the most. You can see how costs are distributed and where there may be delays that are affecting efficiency. 

You can quickly create simple reports that can extract the information in the right context of the process so that you can understand the impact of cost and time. 

Share and engage!

Unlike in ‘the old days’ when you’d roll up your process map and hope that all the post-it-notes stayed in place before you put it up on top of the filing cabinets to gather dust, Skore Process Maps are stored securely in one place on the cloud and can be shared with anyone, anywhere, just with a web browser. 

You can use this to collect and action feedback from colleagues and customers – which can be conveniently left for you on the Process Map diagram directly. A huge feature for collaboration.  

The Power of the Portal

Skore’s interactive process portal makes all of your businesses processes available to the whole company to use in training, onboarding and compliance. Process Maps can be approved and published by process owners and they also have a history of changes. 

Get Skore With A2Z Cloud

Are you ready to take it up a notch? 

    Why work with A2Z Cloud?

    Not only are A2Z Cloud’s Customer Success Consultants are certified Skore Partners, but we use the skore framework for our clients to help identify the various processes and determine where cloud technologies and automation can be applied.

    We can show you the ropes, help you get set up, or even run your workshops and lead the elicitation process. Whatever your needs, you’ll be in good hands. 

    Meet Some Of Our Clients!

    "The team at A2Z Cloud were incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs, not just creating a system that works for me in the immediate sense but building something bespoke that can organically move with me through the lifetime of my business."

    – Robert Redfern, Naturally Healthy Publications