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Process mapping & analysis tool

Process mapping acts as a navigational guide for business operations, akin to Google Maps, providing a comprehensive view beyond basic flowcharts. It illustrates the workflow direction, responsibilities, data capture, templates needed, decision points, and possible obstacles.

Unlike static flowcharts, process maps are detailed and are stored on dynamic platforms such as Skore, allowing for ongoing collaboration and improvement. Essential for growth-oriented businesses, process mapping is a critical toolkit for successful automation, making it more advanced than traditional flowcharts.

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Simplify your processes with power and ease. 

What is Skore?

Skore is a powerful online process mapping tool that simplifies the process of improving workflows for businesses of all sizes. The software provides an intuitive interface that makes process mapping easy, enabling users to analyse their current processes quickly and easily, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and map out new and improved workflows.

With Skore’s user-friendly platform, users can engage their teams in process mapping and collaborate in real time, making it the ideal solution for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and drive efficiencies. Whether you’re looking to achieve digital transformation, continuous improvement, quality assurance, or compliance, Skore’s process mapping tool can help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

What is Skore? graphic

The key benefits of Skore


Save time and money on process improvement – Skore customers are experiencing positive returns on their investment with an average time and cost savings of 10-20% per process.


Confident decision-making – With Skore, knowledge is power! Skore provides an unrivalled level of insight into best practice processes which will enable you to make decisions with confidence and drive your business forward.


Accelerate Transformation – Skore enables teams to align and experiment with various future scenarios, leading to improved preparedness for change and transformation.


Achieve 7% Reduction in Annual Operational Costs – By providing a user-friendly and centralised process library, Skore can reduce operational costs associated with employees searching for information, duplicating work, or using suboptimal processes, which studies have shown can account for at least 7% of annual operational costs.

Explore Skore’s Capabilities

Business Process Discovery

Skore brings you a new and exciting way to capture and unlock the true potential of business process mapping. Say goodbye to lengthy write-ups or post-it notes on your walls, and hello to interactive process maps that you can update, refer back to, and drill down into with ease.

Business Process Discovery - Skore, process mapping software.
Skore's intuitive process mapping software and it's collaboration features

Designed for collaboration

Skore is a first-of-its-kind process workshop tool, specially designed to capture business processes in engaging, collaborative workshops. Key stakeholders and team members can contribute to create a clear picture of business processes “at the speed of conversation.” With Skore’s framework, you can describe the work done in a “What.” box, and the reason for the work in a “Why” box, providing context for each process and ensuring that all stakeholders can collaborate.

Drill down
into the details

Skore’s process mapping software enables you to create strategic-level processes and drill down into high-level steps until you get to the level of granularity that suits your needs. You can search by role, activity, outcomes, and keywords directly from within the tool.

With Skore, you can map out the details of responsibilities, handovers, and RACI to get a clear understanding of who is responsible for what at various stages of the process.

Skore - Process Mapping Analysis features
Skore - creating job descriptions and responsibilites in process mapping

The human element

Skore allows you to create detailed job descriptions with a single click. This process mapping software makes it easy to understand responsibilities, as well as identifying bottlenecks and overloaded roles, through the ability to see all interactions in one place.

You can easily extract and present the information that you need, to understand the impact of cost and time on your business processes.

and engage

Skore allows you to record all process-related information in one place and easily identify activities that are time-consuming and costly, as well as potential delays that impact efficiency. Simple reports can be generated to provide context on cost and time impacts.

With Skore’s process maps stored securely in the cloud, users can share and collaborate with anyone from anywhere, and collect feedback directly on the process map diagram for better collaboration.

Skore - Share and engage features
Skore - User portal

The power

of the portal

Skore’s interactive process portal makes all your business processes available to your entire company for use in training, on-boarding, and compliance. With a history of changes, process maps can be approved and published by process owners.

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