How does Zoho handle and store your data?

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How businesses handle and store your data has become something of a hot topic in recent years – particularly following data breaches from tech giants such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Data security is certainly one of the most frequently searched questions on our own website. So, in this blog, we’ll be looking at how Zoho handles and stores your data, and whether Brexit has impacted data protection in the UK.

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Data-protection comes first

Zoho has consistently exceeded industry standards on data protection and storage. The company collects the least information it can to help deliver its services, maintain security, communicate with customers about products, and
improve its websites and services.

Zoho has publicly stated that it has never sold user information to someone else for advertising or made money by showing third-party ads.

What data is collected?

Zoho collects information from users during the sign-up process, when you visit the website, book an event, submit an enquiry, or have an interaction with the team.

Zoho Data Centres

Zoho has data centres in different countries to comply with international data protection and privacy laws. When you sign up to Zoho, you’ll be assigned to a data centre based on your IP address and country but you’ll also have the option to select which you’d prefer.

The below outlines where Zoho data centres can be found and the corresponding domain that relates to them. You can check which data centre you’re assigned to by looking at the URL.

Where are Zoho's datacentres?

United States of America – Quincy, Central Washington, US – Dallas, US

European Union – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Dublin, Ireland

India – Chennai, India – Mumbai, India

Australia – Sydney, Australia – Melbourne, Australia



Zoho data-security

In this world of data leaks and large tech companies like Facebook dropping the ball, it’s natural for businesses to consider how safe their data is. Zoho takes data protection very seriously and it deploys a wide range of security measures to protect customer information.

Psychical security

Zoho’s servers are located in highly secure data centres that have multiple levels of security, including two-factor authentication, biometric access and CCTV cameras.

Software and hardware

As a leading global tech company, Zoho uses state-of-the-art security measures, firewalls and anti-virus software to mitigate the possibility of outside attacks. Zoho’s security and monitoring techniques are designed to provide multiple layers of protection and defence. Zoho performs regular vulnerability testing and is constantly enhancing its security.

Tightly controlled access

A limited number of staff have access to Zoho’s infrastructure, and this is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

Changes to data handling in the UK following Brexit

Before Brexit, Zoho was subject to the EU’s GDPR rules for data processing and storage in the UK but this no longer applies following our departure from the European Union.

However, the provisions have been incorporated into UK law as the UK GDPR. In reality, this means that there has been little change to the core data protection principles, rights and obligations that businesses have to adhere to​1. Zoho has always taken a proactive stance on data handling – going above and beyond what’s required from a regulatory perspective. So, rest assured that your data is in good hands.

You can read more about Zoho’s privacy policy.

Learn about changes to the UK’s data protection rules following Brexit.

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