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Your Zoho Analytics 5.0 Breakdown is Here


It has been a good year for Zoho Analytics. After being voted an Overall Leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility, Zoho Analytics is bringing in a whole host of updates and new features. Here’s what the new update means for you.

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Zoho Analytics 5.0 is here and its bringing a whole host of new features!

It’s been a good year for Analytics. This update rides in on the coattails of the Dresner “Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study” 2021, where Zoho Analytics was voted an Overall Leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility. With user experience at an all time high and Zoho Analytics’ place in the self-service BI systems market firmly secured, it was time for a new batch of features.

So what does that mean for you? Let’s go through some of the new updates and unpack what they can do for your business.

The Dawn of a New DataPrep

This new batch of updates has bought a new contender: Zoho DataPrep.

DataPrep allows you to pull data from anywhere and work with it. You can import the data from spreadsheets, Analytics, external software, or any other data storage and perform over 250 unique data transformations, some powered by AI.

Some of the flagship transformations are

  • Integrate
  • Model
  • Cleanse
  • Enrich
  • Catalogue

All of which serve two purposes: to help automate the cleansing of data and allow you to correct errors quicker than ever before. This gives you more accurate data quicker and more reliably, whilst also maximising time saving and minimising the risk of human error.

Being data driven is more important then ever. In research conducted for the Wall Street Journal, it was discovered that the most data-driven companies had 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profits than the average.

This is fully integrated into Zoho Analytics, but they’ve announced they will offer Zoho DataPrep as a standalone product. More information on that here.

The Time for AI

Long time users of Zoho are probably familiar with Zia. Well, they’ve gotten some upgrades under the hood.

Zia now has an “Insights” function, allowing your data to be interpreted in real time.

zia insights

On any dataset, Zia can now interpret that data on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the key points and trends. Making informed business decisions based on real, cleaned data is now easier than ever in Analytics.

You can now also just ask Zia about your data. In the new “Conversational Mode”, you can ask Zia questions in a natural way and get answers based on real figures.

Need to know your total sales for the month? Just ask!

Your Top 10 Bestselling Items this month? Ask!

Zia will look at your data and give you a graph with fresh insights ready for you to make decisions.

“For data to be a true catalyst of business growth, there can’t be any gaps in the collection, management, or analysis process. Too few BI platforms in the market excel in both data preparation and analytics, which leaves businesses with weak—or worse, flawed—insights. Zoho’s BI Platform is industry-leading because it ensures organizations are acting on legitimate data, which can be effectively leveraged to determine new revenue streams, refocus funds, drive productivity, and overall gain a competitive edge among peers in their market.”

– Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director, Zoho Europe

Ultimately, this allows your data to tell stories for you, saving you time. You can know in a snap if your business is growing and at what rate. If you need to talk to sales about their KPIs, you can know instantly if they’re meeting targets and making sales.

Welcome to the Simulation

“What-If” forecasting is here!

As simple and useful as it sounds, What-If projections allow you to simulate future sales and profit margins onto your data.

sales forecast

A simple slide bar allows you to alter your projected profits. No need to make budgeting choices in the dark. If you’re going to make more – or less – than anticipated, your data can now make those projections for you, allowing you more time to make choices about that future income.

Data Tells a Story

Numbers are all well and good, but everyone knows that the best data tells a story.

Now there is full integration between Zoho Analytics, Sites and Sheets.

Simply import the figures you need for your site or presentation, and your actual data will be pulled across. If you need to alter how that data is presented, or vary how it is presented, you can do that in real time in your presentation or on your site portal.

This means you can focus your time on using that data to drive the growth of your company and pushing your team to even greater heights.

And more!

There are more new features and integrations than we could possibly cover in a readable article, so go exploring. There’s a whole new world out there.

All of these changes have a clear objective – saving you time, letting you make better informed business decisions and creating stories with your data. With such a positive response to the software so far – keep a clear eye on Analytics, because it looks like it’s just going to keep getting better.

If you’re interested in integrating Zoho Analytics or Zoho DataPrep into your business, do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help or answer any questions you may have.

Want to talk about the Analytics 5.0 update?

If you’d like to learn more about these changes, get Zoho Analytics for your business, or anything else, don’t hesistate to get in touch.

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