Zoholics: London 2023

The biggest Zoho event is back and better than ever before! Join us for Zoholics: London 2023!

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd September, 2023.

Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster, London.

What is Zoholics?

Zoholics is an annual user conference hosted by Zoho. Featuring keynote speakers, breakout sessions and product demos, Zoholics is designed to help attendees to get the most out of their Zoho software.

Learn about upcoming features, attend training sessions, network with other users, and improve your knowledge of Zoho’s applications. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at Zoho or just getting started, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere where you can learn, grow, and have a great time.

Why should I attend Zoholics?

Connect with Zoho experts: Meet the people behind Zoho and learn from the experts who designed and built the tools you use every day.

Discover the latest innovations: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in business management technology, including Zoho’s newest products and integrations.

Network with peers: Connect with other Zoho users and share your experiences. Get inspired by other users who have used Zoho to transform their businesses.

Hands-on training: Attend workshops and training sessions to gain in-depth knowledge and improve your skills in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, and more.

Have fun: In addition to learning and networking, Zoholics is a fun and exciting event with plenty of opportunities for you to meet new people and witness the huge community behind Zoho.

It’s more than just a conference; Zoho has a huge community of professionals who are passionate about using technology to transform their businesses. From small business owners to enterprise-level organisations, anyone can attend!

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Answers to Your Questions

When is Zoholics: London 2023?

This year’s event will be on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September.

Where is Zoholics: London 2023?

This years event is being held at the Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge in London.

Why is Zoho's user conference named 'Zoholics'?

The name “Zoholics” is a combination of “Zoho” and “holics,” which is a term used to describe someone who is addicted to or obsessed with a particular thing or activity.

The name Zoholics is intended to convey the idea that the conference is a gathering of people who are passionate about using Zoho’s software to improve their businesses. It reflects Zoho’s commitment to creating a community of users who are dedicated to maximising the value of its software.

Will there be any product announcements or new releases at Zoholics?

While we can’t guarantee any specific announcements, it’s worth noting that Zoho often shares news and updates about their latest innovations at Zoholics and other user conferences. So attendees may have the opportunity to learn about new product releases or upcoming features from Zoho during the conference.

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