How data management is helping the healthcare industry? Useful insights by a fully certified Zoho partner

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Data Analytics

Healthcare data management is the process of storing, protecting and analysing diverse sources of healthcare information so that health systems can create holistic views of patients, personalise treatment and improve outcomes. Data management in the healthcare sector also includes the management of information related to healthcare operations. 

Types of Data Management in Healthcare:

Healthcare data enables hospitals, clinics and other healthcare service providers to gain insight and take business-related decisions to provide better care to patients. Here are some of the common types of healthcare sector data:

  • Information related to a patient’s illness

The database system stores information on health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma and Alzheimer’s to provide critical information for managing patients’ conditions. 

  • Health surveys

Health surveys are put together for research and analysis purposes and are accessed by various healthcare organisations. It is a process to gather information about a group of people from an area to understand how the community is doing on various health parameters. Such surveys provide vital information about health habits and trends. 

  • Insurance and claims 

This data provides information about the various health insurance policies chosen by the patients and claims made and insurance benefits offered by the concerned organisations.

  • Administration and management 

This data provides information about the treatment procedures followed by hospitals and clinics. It also includes data on discharge-related information.

How Zoho helps the healthcare industry with data management?

Zoho provides specially customised software solutions for the healthcare industry covering all the important aspects such as Analytics, Data Security, Multiple Platform Integration and Staff Collaboration.

Let’s take a look at the data management products offered by Zoho:

  • Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Life Sciences

Zoho CRM for Life Sciences helps you upgrade your strategy and provide more filtered solutions. It  offers numerous benefits including  increased productivity through sales automation, flexible customised services, inventory management and accessibility through mobile apps.

  • Zoho Work Drive

Operational efficiency in the healthcare field can be improved through Work Drive – a file management system offered by Zoho. Zoho’s Work Drive allows your healthcare organisation to operate and manage all the patient’s related files from a single platform which allows a smoother workflow.

  • Zoho HIPAA Compliant Low Code Platform

If you want to create your own customised healthcare platform which includes managing patients, keeping track of inventories and medical equipment and driving new projects, HIPAA compliant Low Code Platform is the solution. Web and mobile applications can be created very easily through drag-and-drop functionality in less time.

  • Zoho Booking Software for Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, last-minute bookings, cancellations and rescheduling are common problems. Zoho’s Booking Software for Healthcare is a very easy and affordable solution to manage day-to-day customer booking without any hassles. The key features include on demand scheduling, multiple staff schedules and appointment history.

  • Zoho Lens

This visual remote assistance software allows healthcare professionals and medical equipment manufacturers to connect with patients and clinic staff to guide them on how to use and repair medical devices.

  • Zoho People

Zoho People is a human resource management tool specially designed for the healthcare sector. It enables a uniform flow of information across different healthcare professionals. 

  • Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics solutions can analyse your overall business data and can provide you with vital information in less time to boost your business decisions. With the availability of a huge amount of complex data, it becomes very difficult to find precise answers to direct your business in the right direction. Zoho Analytics is a Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics software which creates appealing dashboards to provide valuable insights for your business in a very short period of time.

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A2Z Cloud is the UK’s leading Zoho integrator and Premium Partner. We can provide expert advice on how to integrate Zoho with other healthcare applications and systems. Also, our team can provide training and consultancy services to help healthcare organisations make the most of their investment in Zoho. Customisation services can also be provided to tailor Zoho to the specific needs of healthcare organisations, ensuring that it meets their unique requirements.

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