Why Zoho Cliq 5.0 is making Microsoft sweat

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The recent launch of Zoho Cliq 5.0 is causing a stir among businesses, challenging the indispensability of giants like Microsoft Teams and even functionalities offered by Google Meetings.

This innovative upgrade by Zoho is a game-changer that invites the question: why hold onto multiple applications when one platform – Zoho One offers an all-encompassing solution?

In this blog, A2Z Cloud delves into the latest update of Zoho Cliq, exploring the benefits it brings to businesses, and why savvy businesses are migrating from Microsoft to the all-encompassing business operating system, Zoho One.

Why Zoho Cliq 5.0 stands out

The introduction of Zoho Cliq 5.0 has made it abundantly clear that its state-of-the-art features position it as a communication powerhouse capable of replacing a range of third-party applications.

Let’s explore how this new update sets Cliq above competitors:

AI-powered efficiency

Users can enjoy automated meeting summaries, transcripts, and even AI-driven highlights. No more switching between apps, risking data inconsistencies, or facing compatibility issues. The introduction of AI-powered tools, render add-ons like Fireflies.ai or Otter.ai unnecessary. Everything you need is under the Zoho umbrella.

AI Summaries in Zoho Cliq 5.0

Digital assistance

The Writing Assistant tool ensures professionalism and clarity in your messages. It checks your grammar, spelling, and even the tone of your communication, ensuring every message sent is clear and impactful. This feature is a valuable support for individuals who appreciate additional assistance with their communication, making the platform accessible to a diverse range of users.

Writing Assistant in Zoho Cliq 5.0

Smart spaces for meetings

The introduction of Cliq Rooms turns ordinary conference rooms into smart meeting spaces. This feature, coupled with Zoho Meetings, provides a seamless meeting experience with high-quality audio and video capabilities.

Cliq Rooms in Zoho Cliq 5.0
Cliq Rooms in Zoho Cliq 5.0

Giving you headspace

Planning a holiday, feeling under the weather, or simply stepping away for some headspace? Set up an out-of-office response to keep your teammates informed. When they try to drop you a message, a friendly automated reply will let them know you’re currently unavailable.

Auto responders in Zoho Cliq 5.0
Auto responders in Zoho Cliq 5.0

Usage reports

Understand the overall adoption and efficiency of Cliq usage within your organisation with insightful usage reports. Track metrics at organisational, departmental, and individual levels — from messages sent and channels created to meetings conducted. Uncover insights like the number of reminders set, and identify the most active users to recognise efficiency or pinpoint areas for further training.

Usage Dashboards in Zoho Cliq 5.0
Usage Dashboards in Zoho Cliq 5.0

The power is in your hands

Features like eDiscovery & DRP, Audit Logs, and Channel Management give admins extensive control and oversight, ensuring compliance and data security.

When these features are combined with Zoho Meetings (also included in the Zoho One bundle), organisations get an integrated communication solution ready to take on any challenge that remote working or digital collaboration presents.

Now that we’ve seen the capabilities of Cliq 5.0, let’s uncover the broader benefits of Zoho Ones offering.

The Zoho One advantage

Not heard of Zoho One before? Find out more in our article – What is Zoho One?

Unlike the siloed approach of Microsoft 365 where apps may seem disconnected, Zoho One offers a seamless experience across a spectrum of organisational needs—from communication and collaboration to finance, operations, and customer relationship management. Let’s dive into the advantages of Zoho One.

Zoho One Applications
Zoho One Applications

Unified platform

With Zoho One, businesses have the luxury of a unified platform where all applications work in harmony. This interoperability is crucial for modern businesses to ensure seamless data flow and real-time collaboration, something that often requires additional configurations or third-party integrations in Microsoft 365.

The financial perspective – more for less

Zoho One’s transparent pricing model is designed for scalability, making it an attractive alternative for small to medium enterprises. The cost per user is lower than Microsoft 365, with the added benefit of access to a broader range of applications. Transitioning to Zoho One and utilising Zoho Cliq and Meetings eliminates the need for additional spending on similar third-party applications.

Customisation and integration

The platform’s robust customisation capabilities allow businesses to tailor solutions according to their unique processes and workflows, something that can be more challenging to achieve with Microsoft 365.

Support and training

There are extensive support and training resources to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing usage, which is particularly beneficial for organisations looking to switch.

Privacy and security

Zoho One takes data privacy and security seriously, with strong protocols and compliance measures in place to safeguard business information.

Reducing dependancy on multiple solutions

Zoho One takes data privacy and security seriously, with strong protocols and compliance measures in place to safeguard business information.

Ditching Microsoft: Why are businesses leaving?


The name Microsoft has become synonymous with enterprise-level solutions, evolving over time to meet the complex demands of large-scale businesses. This evolution, while beneficial for the enterprise sector, has resulted in a suite of products that often outstrip the needs and resources of small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Microsoft’s engagement primarily with enterprise customers through initiatives like Technology Adoption Programs (TAP) and Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) reflects this shift. Even products aimed at smaller businesses, such as Windows Server Essentials, embody a level of complexity that can be overwhelming for SMEs.

The gravitation towards enterprise-centric solutions has inadvertently created a barrier for SMEs, who may find the escalating costs and complexity of Microsoft’s product lines challenging. There’s a growing concern that these hurdles could drive SMEs towards more accessible, cost-effective alternatives like Zoho.

Zoho One emerges as a compelling alternative in this scenario. With its transparent pricing model and a suite of integrated applications tailored to the needs of SMEs, it stands as a stark contrast to the enterprise-focused offerings from Microsoft, providing a user-friendly, all-encompassing business operating system that aligns with the operational and financial contours of SMEs.

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