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Zoho Creator’s Roadshow is coming to London

by | Zoho News and Updates

Network with Creator developers, industry experts, and thought leaders and see how the revolutionary, low-code platform, Zoho Creator, can help your business. Read on to learn more about Zoho Creator and the exciting Creator Roadshow event.

What is Zoho Creator? 

Zoho Creator is an all-in-one, low-code application development platform that is designed to help businesses digitise their operations without the hassle of traditional software development. It essentially allows you to turn your application ideas in to real-life. It’s an appealable solution to those businesses wanting to avoid time-consuming, coding details and need a custom solution.

Zoho Creator 6.0

The latest version of Zoho Creator, 6.0 combines the power of application development, business intelligence & analytics, smart integrations, and process automation enabling businesses to deliver end-to-end solutions efficiently. Watch the introduction to C6 below. You can hear all about the latest features and see them in action at the Roadshow in May.

What is the Zoho Creator Roadshow? 

Creator’s 2-day, Roadshow event will cover networking opportunities, hands-on training and Creator expert workshops – where they’ll be showcasing the latest features of Zoho Creator (6.0). See it all in action and let experts provide you with tips and tricks to help you empower your business’ needs.

You can even schedule dedicated one-on-one sessions with expert consultants to deep dive into your specific digital transformation needs, business pain points, and how low-code-powered solutions can solve them.

What will be covered?

Whether you’re a long-time customer looking to explore the latest version of Creator, or a new customer looking to learn more about the platform, this roadshow is the place to be. Zoho product experts will walk you through some of Zoho Creator’s latest and most important features while sharing low-code best practices. And, of course, at the end of the sessions, there’ll be plenty of time for questions and conversation!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to meet Zoho Partners, gain insights from Zoho experts, connect with peers, and learn from the best practices they’ve discovered along the way.

Words from A2Z Cloud

We’re sending our in-house expert, Dash Bunyan to the roadshow, to give you a special insight into the endless capabilities of the platform. More detail to be confirmed soon. 

2-day Creator Roadshow breakdown: 

  1. Build and deploy apps with zero infrastructure.
  2. Automate workflows and enhance efficiency.
  3. Extend your business apps with powerful data services.
  4. Transform data into insights using BI & analytics tools.
  5. Integrate all your apps in one click.
  6. Collaborate in a multi-developer environment.
  7. Hear success stories.
Dash Bunyan

When and where is Zoho Creator’s London Roadshow event?

The event will be held across two days. From the 23rd – 24th May. (8am – 4pm). The event will be held at Marble Arch etc. venues. 

How do I get a ticket?

Follow the link below where you can purchase a ticket for any of Zoho Creators upcoming Roadshow events across all the major cities they are visiting.

Use code: A2ZCLOUDZOHOCREATOR to save 50%.

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