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Zoho Training – Get skilled up in any Zoho Product

So – you’ve just got yourself a shiny new piece of software – but are you really getting the most out of it? It takes time to master something new. With our Zoho Training, your team won’t need to figure it out alone. Maximise your technology investment today!



User Guides & Manuals

Onboarding your team and getting new people upto speed on a new system can be a challenge. Our training team can develop bespoke user guides and training manuals based on your system.

About User Guides & Manuals

Zoho Training doesn’t need to be hands-on, sometimes you just need some clear and concise documentation.

The trouble with most documentation on the internet is that it’s unlikely to be specific to your system or your sales process.

We can take care of that for you by developing bespoke system-specific Zoho user guides and training manuals – saving you time and money and allowing you to acquaint new users easily.

– Bespoke manuals based on your system
– Clear, understandable and relatable
– Built to your needs
– Content can be reviewed and adapted before sign-off
– Can include company branding
– Available for all Zoho products

Online Training

This is the perfect solution for training your teams on Zoho during the Pandemic. Featuring interactive training with material specific to your systems – you can’t go wrong.

About Online Training

Online Zoho Training is lead by A2Z Cloud’s talented Zoho Trainers via an interactive online learning platform called Zoho ShowTime. With live screen-sharing, slideshow presentations, Q&As, live chat and session recording, attendees will enjoy a sterling learning experience.

No two businesses are the same and while there may be commonalities between systems, it’s rare that any two are the same. All the training materials will be made bespoke for your business systems so that you don’t need to try and ‘connect the dots’.

All the sessions will include digital handouts that your team can download for future reference.


On-site Training

A2Z Cloud’s On-Site Zoho Training is a hands-on training delivery that uses your specific systems. This is a great way to improve adoption for a new system or skill up new starters.

About On-Site Training

All technologies have nuances and quirks that take time to properly learn – it takes a good deal of exposure to learning how to get the most out of a system, including things like best practices and optimum features. Not to mention, the expertise required to handle the technical details of things like API calls, DKIM and SPF setup. 

Unless your business does these things on a day-to-day basis, you could end up implementing a system that is suboptimal – or you may be potentially implementing inefficiencies into your system that can, over time, be very costly. 

A2Z Cloud has thousands of hours of collective implementation experience that we have gained over the course of hundreds of implementations and, not forgetting the fact that we have a room full of developers that can work together, share knowledge and discuss solutions. 

Don’t risk a DIY solution. Get it done right, the first time by A2Z Cloud.


On Demand

There will be times when you won’t need a full-blown training session. We have a full selection of pre-recorded on-demand sessions that will bring you upto speed on the most common topics.

About On-Demand Training

On-demand training offers a fast and affordable solution for some of the most common training needs.

Our on-demand training library can be available to you for a fixed monthly cost, allowing you to learn at your own pace, in your own time and re-watch the training videos as often as you like. 

We’re constantly expanding the library with more training videos, tips and tricks so that you can be sure you’re keeping up with the latest and greatest practices.

This is a great budget-friendly way to skill up your teams in the most common and best practice use of Zoho cloud software.


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    Zoho Premium Partner

    A2Z Cloud is one of the top Zoho Premium partners in the UK, with a room full of talented Zoho developers, dedicated trainers and skillful project managers, we can ensure that your entire journey with us is a smooth one.