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Key highlights

Integrated Guest Data Management: Streamlined integration of guest and booking data within Zoho CRM, enriching service delivery and operational efficiency.

Reduced Costs and Minimised Data Duplication: Significant cost savings and minimised risk of data duplication through effective data migration and CRM restructuring.

Improved Guest Insights and Feedback Collection: Improved collection of guest sentiment and feedback, enabling better operational decisions and targeted marketing efforts.

Ongoing CRM Optimisation and Support: Continuous improvement and expansion of Zoho CRM functionalities with A2Z Cloud, driving increased NPS and ROI for marketing campaigns.

Making a splash with Zoho CRM

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, a prestigious operator with a rich 175-year heritage, faced significant challenges in managing customer data across its expansive operations. With 4,500 staff and multiple global itineraries, the company struggled with their previous system design, making it difficult to deliver the exceptional customer service they aimed for.

This all changed with the implementation of Zoho CRM, customised and optimised by A2Z Cloud. The new system unified guest and booking data, streamlining interactions and operational efficiencies. Now, with comprehensive insights at their fingertips, Fred. Olsen staff are better equipped to improve their guest experience, evidenced by an increased NPS and operational savings.

We spoke with Nicki Gordon, Head of CRM Transformation at Fred. Olsen, who reflects on the transformation. Download the e-book below to read more about this remarkable journey and discover how strategic CRM implementation can drive your business forward.

Explore how Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines transformed their customer experience with Zoho CRM.

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