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Morning Thoughts: Zoho in London

 I saw something glowing bright. Something very familiar. Something that made me look up from my morning coffee. Zoho in London!

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Have you seen the signs? Zoho in London

The morning commute doesn’t usually spark that much joy for me. I tend to just go into zombie mode, shuffle along with the masses and make my way to the closest purveyor of coffee. After I get my coffee, I will usually just shuffle along to my destination to the cool beats of lo-fi hip-hop.

But this morning something caught my attention. A brilliant white animated sign illuminating the dull underground. I looked up at it and saw that familiar building-block logo from Zoho reminding us of Zoho One’s mission to provide a single cost-effective platform for your entire business.

Seeing Zoho in London this morning certainly brightened my mood!

Worth shouting about?

As a Zoho Partner, we are exposed to Zoho on a daily basis and sometimes I forget that some people still don’t know about this company. Seeing Zoho in London up on the big-screen of its billboard reminded me that a lot of people are still settling for costly alternatives or worse – are still using spreadsheets and legacy systems.
With Zoho One, it’s possible for businesses to get all the applications that they need for business – everything. HR, Recruitment, Finance, Customer Management, Customer Support, Ecommerce, Marketing – and all of this, as the billboard reminds us, for just £1 per employee per day.
Given this information, it’s not hard to understand why Zoho feel the need to shout about it.
So if you see Zoho in London – raise your coffee up in toast before you continue along with your commute. And if you get to work and think to yourself “I’d like to know more about Zoho One.” then get in touch with us and we can tell you all about it.

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