An Inside Look into A2Z Cloud Services 

“You Become Successful by Helping Others Become Successful”. Katrina Cawsey gives a glimpse behind the curtain of A2Z Cloud’s Customer Service department.

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A Brief Introduction

“You Become Successful By Helping Others Become Successful”

This is one of A2Z Cloud’s core values. It holds pride of place in our head office, attached to CEO Lucy Beck’s door. Gifted to her by an Indian Zoho Partner, it holds a central place in the heart of our business. Nowhere is it more keenly practiced than in our Customer Service department.

Customer Services is one element of our Customer Success cycle and covers everything from helping customers stay on top of their systems through improved systems management, to buying additional licenses, or helping customers with minor changes to their system, or upskilling their teams through additional training.

Due to the level of customisation that is available and the huge amount of applications within the Zoho network, occasionally faults can occur, sometimes due to updates in software that can change the way some things integrate.

Why it Matters

We have a dedicated team in place to investigate these issues and get them resolved, so that our customers never lose valuable working hours because their systems are suffering from technical difficulties.

Customer support is important to us because, without the success of our customers, we can’t succeed ourselves. Therefore, retaining customers is as important to us as getting new ones. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20%. We want customers to have the best user experience possible when dealing with A2Z Cloud, so we do everything we can to make that run smoothly.

This focus on long-term, success focused support gives us a privileged insight into how a system works in practice. This, in turn, allows us to suggest improvements, like where a client might save some money by consolidating licenses, benefit from more automation or integration with another system.

How it’s Done

We use a mixture of Zoho products and custom features to manage support tickets efficiently. For us, it’s all in one place, but the breakdown looks like this.

  • Zoho Desk. This is our main application. From here, we can see all the open tickets and see what stage in the process we are in.
  • Custom Workflows and Filters. These can be used in a variety of ways, but we use them to maintain open tickets and ensure that none get overlooked, compensating for any employee error.
  • Zoho CRM. The CRM is the software heart of our entire company, not just support. With this, we can log tickets and tasks to specific accounts, keeping them attached to their context.
  • Zoho Meetings. Meetings allow us to effortlessly set up remote meetings with clients if we need further details, or if we need you to make changes with our help.
  • Zoho Projects. Projects allow us to keep the tickets attached to the work that was done on the system. There’s no confusion on projects that are in progress with us, the development team and you.
  • Sales IQ. This allows us to have a web chat function on our website, that automatically creates a ticket in Zoho Desk with all the details transferred.
  • Zoho Assist. Assist is our remote access software. This simply means that if we need to do a fix or explore your system remotely, we can do so.

But That’s Not All

As much of our system is automated as possible, so no client goes without long-term support. The moment a system goes live, our CRM is updated with the length of the warranty period and reminders for us to check-in with the customer after a certain amount of time.

We know how important it is to have rapid response customer support. According to RightNow, 50% of customers “break-up” with a brand if they do not respond to customer service questions after one week. This is why aim to always keep our responses within 4-8 hours of a new ticket being opened. We have a traffic light system to make sure that if an urgent problem does show up for any reason, we are on it right away. This keeps us firmly on target the entire time.

Helping us, Helping you

There are things that you, as customers, can do to help us assist you when you have a support query. This can be pretty broad, covering everything from random behaviour in the system, to user errors, or just confusion on how the system operates.

Firstly, provide us with as much detail about any issues as you can. Screenshots and screen recordings are hugely beneficial to our support team when it comes to investigating the system, as it allows us a direct way to see any problems as they are happening live.

If Zoho have provided you with any reference codes, we request you send them to us with your initial enquiry, as well as:

  • The product that you are using,
  • What you are doing if an issue occurs,
  • Which users are experiencing this issue?
  • A detailed explanation of the issue at hand

This will prevent us having to email asking for more information, which will also speed up the response/resolution time – getting you back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible.

From Here?

From the initial enquiry, our team will have a look in the back end of the systems to work out where any issues have arisen and better advise you on how to optimise your use of the system going forward.

On rare occasions we have to discuss a repair with Zoho, which is no problem for us. Unlike other Zoho Partners, our premium partner status means we get rapid responses. This means customers aren’t held back from their day-to-day business, keeping the process stress free.

If you ever have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be ready to assist.

After all: your success is our success!

Want more?

Why not read our blog for some free insights or get in touch with us if you have questions.

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