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10 Ways To Improve Your Remote Working Productivity


Many companies have been forced to implement home working practices with no preparation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Employees throughout the country have been struggling to separate their work life from their home life. 

A2Z is a cloud-based company with a team of over 20 remote workers. We have been accepting of remote working since the beginning. Therefore, we are sharing our top tips for ensuring you can stay productive during lockdown. 

Getting Productive On Lockdown

Companies across the world have been forced to implement a working from home policy with no preparation. A quick look through social media streams shows the majority have been surprised about how well it has worked. One advantage of the Coronavirus will be companies acceptance of remote working.

However, not everyone finds it easy to stay on task all the time. Read through our key tips, from a remote working expert company.

1. Prepare for ‘Life After Lockdown’

There’s no doubt that life after lockdown will be different. Companies may become more accepting of a work from home policy. Assumably, office life will change with social-distancing measures becoming compulsory. These are likely to be reduced over time but spacious offices, more consistent health checks and staggered work times may become the new norm.

Why not start to prepare for life after lockdown by developing a return to work strategy? Try documenting your thoughts using Zoho Writer, which allows you to collaborate with colleagues and team leaders to map out ideas and write together.

Alternatively, introduce yourself to Zia, the writing assistant who will correct you on contextual grammar, readability and suggest styling options in Zoho Writer. 

Once your approach has been agreed, we recommend using Zoho Projects. Where managing the changes to the office environment, assigning responsibilities and progressing towards reopening your offices, can be monitored. 

2. Share Your Knowledge

Any successful project, be it, big or small, has one thing at its core: effective collaboration. Which you can achieve it with knowledge sharing. This increases the productivity of your team, allowing people to work faster and smarter through inspiring ideas in the virtual meeting room. As they say “Knowledge is Power”.

Why not equip yourself with the correct tools and invest in a cloud based presentation and training tool such as Zoho ShowTime? This interactive platform, allows users to follow and participate live. Showtime allows you to create personalised presentations for real time remote presentation, or via on demand access.

ShowTime is available as a mobile app too, meaning that presentations can be designed and followed in movement.

The opportunity to create and deliver presentations online makes sharing knowledge so easy. Even better it integrates to your Zoho CRM so you can have a permanent record of which clients or prospects have seen and have access to which presentations.

3. Create A Digital Office

There are many benefits of creating a digital office. Firstly, collaboration and communicating. When all your teammates can work online this is much easier. Secondly, reduction in hard copy waste,  a saving on printing supplies. Finally, improved team efficiency. Less distractions in the office means productivity will improve. 

We recommend starting your digital office by using Cliq. A messaging tool built for teams. With features like audio/video calling, file sharing, and chatbots. It simplifies team communication with organised conversations and information that is easy to find.

Alternatively, Zoho Connect, a team collaboration software that brings colleagues and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to complete work.

create a digital office

4. Host An Online Meeting Or Discussion

Businesses rely on meetings to share key performance goals and valuable data. They serve to move projects forward and help teams get things done. Without meetings, organisations tend to lack direction and focus.

With employees working from different locations and on different time schedules it is even more important to keep a routine, a sense of normality. Online meetings can be a great tool for inspiring others, discussing ideas and lifting employee spirits during the pandemic.

Zoho Meeting, a secure online meeting and webinar platform allows us to share our ideas and continue business. With the option to integrate to your Zoho CRM, you can track who was at the meeting and replay recordings on demand. The perfect cloud tool to test as the world embraces remote work. Its even good for “Beer O’Clock Friday evenings!

5. Learn A New Digital Skill

Lockdown has narrowed our leisure time options. Gyms, clubs and the majority of public spaces have been closed, leaving many of us questioning what to do with our spare time. This time is the perfect opportunity to spruce up and learn skills we wouldn’t have thought to learn before.

Acquiring new digital skills is the key to achieving your goals in this digital age. Doing so you will reap the benefits of long term success.

At A2Z Cloud we have been spending time gaining certifications for a wide range of Zoho Products through online webinars and virtual training courses. Additionally, we have been training businesses on the Zoho products they use themselves.


6. Get Social 

Social distancing and lockdown has generated a spike in our time spent online. 
With more people active online, social platforms are the perfect place for brands to connect with their audiences.

There has never been a better time to capitalise on building relationships with your audiences. For social engagements to be productive you need measure what is working.

With Zoho Social you can schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters, and create custom-reports to analyse your social media performance. 

7. Try Out Zoho Remotely 

Uplifting spirits during such a difficult time is so important and we have seen nation-wide  efforts like rainbow filled windows, clapping for carers and Tom Moore’s walk for the NHS.

This time can be stressful for your business too. Most companies have been forced to introduce a work from home policy. Companies have become increasingly aware that productivity and employee engagement are vital in keeping businesses working as usual.

Confused by the wide range of tools, or concerned by the stories of security issues, or simply wish there was a way to easily try out a new work from home strategy? Zoho Remotely will enable you to take your work remote by offering a complete suite of web and mobile apps that will help you communicate, collaborate and stay productive.

You can easily keep track of work, and provide remote assistance to your customers anywhere in the world. The best part… The app suite is available for free for up to 100 employees until July 1st!

8. Plan Your Digital Transformation

Did your business struggle when transitioning to a work from home policy? Alternatively, did you have to shut down your business completely? Having digital tools such as Zoho integrated in your company would have made this adjustment easier. Working from the cloud reaps so many benefits such as the ability to work anywhere at anytime.

True digital transformation is so much more than working online. There are generally considered to be three stages:

  • Digitisation (moving your information to the cloud).
  • Digitalisation (applying the digitised information to simplify processes).
  • Digital Transformation (devising new business applications that integrate ALL the digitised data and digitalised applications).

Consider using Zoho One. The platform enables you to run your entire business with a cloud-based operating system. Allowing you to replace your patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with just one operating system for your entire business.

Web and mobile apps are available for sales, marketing, accounting and HR. Zoho One even offers smart services, such as out-of-the-box artificial/business intelligence and customisation tools.

analytics dashboard

9. Explore Digital Revenue Streams 

Exploring multiple income streams allows a business to expand on the various cash flow sources. In the event one income stream dries up, there are supporting sources to minimise the loss. Using one income stream which can potentially stop may leave you in a vulnerable position. Especially if you still have to pay outgoings while adjusting your course. Use this spare time window to test out Zoho E-commerce or adventure into website design.

If you are a service based business then look to putting your presentations and material behind a paywall using Showtime. 

digital revenue streams

10. Build Stronger Relationships

Powerful customer relationships are essential to business success. Like personal relationships, it is important to cultivate and nurture client relationships. When organisations develop strong bonds with their customers, it can lead to loyal clients, positive word of mouth and increased sales. 

We strongly recommend using this time to update CRM records or improve your customer outreach by connecting with customers via social media, email or responding to reviews.

Zoho CRM, is one of the most popular CRM applications worldwide. Used by millions of users across the world, this platform boosts business growth. By providing an in depth view of your existing and prospective customers, the platform enables you to build better customer relationships. With an easy-to-use dashboard, this solution is known for its robust lead, sales pipeline, and contact management. The application can automate everyday tasks and help convert site visitors to becoming leads. Furthermore, the platform allows efficient management of customer accounts and enables precise revenue forecasting.

zxoho crm
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