Driving efficiency and patient-centric care: How Zoho transforms the UK Healthcare sector?

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Cloud Business Solutions

The fundamental design of our society revolves around interconnected relationships. This essential truth has been embraced by healthcare organisations as they shape their strategies around patients.

Healthcare providers aim to establish meaningful connections with each patient, focusing on building lasting relationships with every individual they serve. Technology has become a valuable tool for healthcare organisations to improve patient engagement, communication, and overall healthcare delivery. While building relationships is crucial, healthcare organisations also seek to leverage technology to improve efficiency. Here we share some of the useful insight on how Zoho is transforming the UK healthcare sector:

1. Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that help healthcare administrators efficiently manage various aspects of hospital operations. Through Zoho’s platform, administrators can create customisable and user-friendly forms to gather patient information accurately. Also, Zoho’s CRM system enables secure storage and easy access to critical patient records.

With the website builder tool, administrators can maintain informative websites, enhancing the patient experience and establishing a professional online presence. Zoho’s analytical capabilities provide valuable insights from patient data, aiding in identifying trends and optimising hospital efficiency. Seamless integration and collaboration facilitate effective communication and coordination among healthcare staff. Also, Zoho’s automation features streamline tasks, allowing staff to focus on providing quality care to patients.

2. Zoho WorkDrive offers a cloud-storage and file-sharing solution that helps healthcare providers securely manage medical records in a HIPAA-compliant manner. It helps them improve patient care and operational efficiency. With WorkDrive, healthcare providers can gain better control over information while maintaining necessary accreditations and minimising costs. It helps create a patient-centric system by maintaining consistent patient information across all departments.

The platform also streamlines data flow by allowing multiple departmental reports of a patient to be organised within a Team Folder. This facilitates efficient coordination among teams, making it easier to gather medical history, insurance details, scanned reports, and issued prescriptions for drafting discharge summaries quickly.

Also, WorkDrive significantly reduces waiting times for patients by enabling instant sharing of reports, invoices, and prescriptions. Healthcare professionals can quickly scan and share important information with patients or relevant doctors, helping them make informed decisions promptly.

Security is prioritised with role-based access controls in WorkDrive. This ensures that the right team members have access to the appropriate documents while preventing unauthorised access and misuse of sensitive data.

3. Zoho Cliq offers smart and simplified real-time communication and collaboration tailored for medical experts. It allows healthcare professionals to communicate with specialists, lab technicians, and vendors instantly while efficiently managing and sharing medical records and interdepartmental interactions.

Streamlining discussions is made easy with designated smart communication channels and threaded replies, simplifying communication among hospital staff. Cliq enables cross-departmental collaboration by monitoring activity across departments, ensuring staff availability for better coordination.

By unifying the organisation, Cliq brings hospital staff together for important discussions through its audio and video meeting capabilities. The comprehensive dashboard optimises check-in and check-out processes across clinics, enhancing the staff experience.

Asynchronous collaboration helps organise and expedite work, while revisiting important discussions improves patient encounter efficacy. Meeting highlights can be recorded and shared to enhance the quality, safety, and performance of hospital staff.

Efficient planning and scheduling are made possible with optimised calendar sync options, allowing healthcare professionals to keep track of upcoming medical appointments, meetings, and deadlines, minimising missed opportunities.

Hospital-wide news and updates can be efficiently broadcasted through a designated channel with a single click. Cliq also facilitates setting up reminders for essential tasks, empowering clinicians and staff to manage their responsibilities effectively.

Automation is further enhanced with custom bot assistants that automate patient and staff workflows, streamlining internal collaboration. Also, Zoho Marketplace offers ready-to-use extensions to simplify workflow operations.

4. Zoho also offers healthcare solutions for patients that aim to improve access to better healthcare services through convenient online scheduling and instant clinical consultations. With Zoho Bookings, patients can easily book appointments at their convenience. Through Zoho Desk, patients can submit their questions and concerns related to their consultation. Hospitals and healthcare providers can promptly follow up and provide the best solutions to address patient inquiries. Zoho Meeting helps healthcare workers to deliver medical assistance to patients through secure and efficient video conferencing. This feature allows healthcare professionals to conduct virtual consultations with patients from any part of the world.

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